English Information

■Opening Time

・Tues-Fri 11.00am-8.00pm
・Sat Sun Holiday10.00am-6.00pm

※Please go to reception desk 30minutes before closing time

Aquapia is closed to the every Monday.

29th Dec.-5th Jan.

※Aquapia is closed for a maintenance check.

■Price list
・Under 3years old is free.

・Under 12years old cannot use the gym.

・Please go to the reception desk for use of facilities.

■Instruction for use            

◎Heated pool         

・Under 9 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

 (2children per adult.)

・Please take off your accessories,watchs,rings,etc.

・Must wear a swimming cap.

・If your child wears a diaper,please buy a pool diaper at the  reception desk.(Pool diaper : 1 for 200yen.)

・Childlen using pool diapers can only use the infant pool.

・You can not play with beach balls,toy,etc.in the pool.

 (A float ring under 80cm in diameter is O.K.)


・Towels,soap,etc.are not provided,so please bring your own.

Training gym

・Use for over 13 years old.

・Please bring indoor sports shoes and sports wear.


・There are vending machines for light meals and drinks.

・Meals may only be eaten in designated areas.

・No alcoholic drinks allowed.Do not come under the influence of alcoholic.

・No pets allowed.

・We are not responsible for any loss of your belongings,so please take care.

・Please be considerate to others.

In order to prevent serious accidents around the pool.Please take
the greatest care.

For your childrens safety,please keep an eye on them at all times and enjoy the pool together.

Heated pool Adult 520yen
over-65s 260yen
Under 15 years old
Bath Adult 420yen
over-65s 210yen
Under 15 years old 
Training gym Adult 320yen
over-65s 210yen
 13-15 years old
Fitness studio
(rental studio)
1hour 520yen
Multi purpose room
(big meeting room)
1hour 520yen